Sunday, June 5, 2011

Here we go...

So I already suck at blogging. I think my last (first) post was almost a week ago. Whatevs... So on Wednesday at my Weight Watchers meeting I weighed in 1.8 pounds less. Whew! I finally got batteries for the scale so I don't spend the day of my weigh in surviving on 18 almonds, a cocopop (rice cake type thing)
and ice cubes. I get so nervous on weigh in days. I don't know why though. I am meticulous when it comes to tracking myself. Every single little bite gets recorded. And I've finally stopped hoarding my Weekly Points. When I was on WW (I am already sick of typing "Weight Watcher" THERE! That's the last one) anyways, the first few times I was on WW I used to never use any of my extra weekly points. I figured I would lose more weight if I never ever used them. And I never used any butter or oil, never ate any ice cream or fast food or candy. Seriously, I was a freak. So it's no wonder I could never stick to it. Now on the new program I have like double the points in conjunction with actually using the Weekly Points and actually tracking my Fitness. I'm actually exercising now... THAT'S another difference. More on that later. But I haven't changed any of my cooking, I still use butter and olive oil; I just measure now. I measure my portions for once, and it seems to be working. So I shouldn't worry so much when I go to weigh in. Especially a day early (another thing I hated. Like how much more weight could I really use in one day) So I never used to find a different meeting if I was going to miss one. But tomorrow I am going a meeting different from my regular one for the first time. We shall see tomorrow night. Okay. Bye bye.