Saturday, September 10, 2011

Back to Blogging!

Okay so I'm going to take this blogging business seriously. Even if it's just as my own personal record of what I'm doing. I'm still going to focus on weight loss but it will also be some cooking and other stuff. Lot's of photo's I hope. So here goes nothing.

To update since my last post. I've been wildly successful with WW so far. At this point I've lost 33 pounds since May. And I think the true reason I've been so successful is that with the program there is no reason to give up any food ever. I mean it. I've lost 33 pounds in 5 months eating Pizza Hut, McDonald's and Five Guys... Just not all at once. And not everyday. Anymore. That was old me 5 months ago. Now if we go to Five Guys I eat nothing but fruits and vegetables before. Or if I get McDonald's I only get the 4 piece nuggets and go home and eat a salad.

Now let's get down to business... Pictures of food: I apologize in advance for the poor quality. I was feeling quite lazy and relied on my iPhone and not my SLR. I will try to avoid that in the future. To the food. So at WW people keep talking about cool things to do with banana's. Namely pancakes and ice cream. (More on ice cream in the near future.) But the banana pancakes intrigued me. Because I LOVE PANCAKES! And these ones are even good for you! They require merely two ingredients. Two banana's and one egg. Just mush banana's and mix in one beaten egg. Then you just pour onto a hot pan with pan and BOOM you've got PANCAKES.

Well not exactly. See things started out okay.. (I'll explain why just okay in a sec) So I threw four ripe bananas and two eggs into the KitchenAid and beat the hell out of them. See...

Then I put them on the pan, hot, and sprayed with Pam.

And unfortunately I only make it to step two before things go wrong. These pancakes refused to turn. I am no pancake master. That is my sister Kelly. She is the master of breakfast, especially pancakes. But I have cooked a few in my day, so I know when to turn a pancake. But these just kind of swirled around and never firmed up enough to flip. And then I realized it was my over zealous mixing, I should have never taken it up to speed 7. I cook too hard and too fast, that is truly my problem. I think everything will go faster and be better if you cook it hotter and mix it faster. I will never be a great cook if I don't slow it the f down! So that was my demise but we are far too broke to go wasting four bananas and two eggs. Plus I've been craving syrup and we also had this fab brown sugar & cream cheese frosting leftover from cupcakes and it seemed a little silly not to put a little on banana pancakes. So in order to save this bowl of goo and turn it into something edible we needed to think fast. So we went to our old standby, the muffin pan!

In the end they came out okay. We baked them at 350, for about 20-25 minutes. Maybe 5 minutes or so more. They puffed up a little but in the end came out like dense little almost silver dollar pancakes. You could really taste the banana. And you can see in the photo that if you stick a mini Reese's cup into one you are a lucky person. Cause what's better than banana's, chocolate and peanut butter? Banana's, chocolate, peanut butter, syrup and brown sugar cream cheese frosting.. Ugh I got a little sick reading that.

And once again, so sorry for the poor quality photo's. Fear not, I've dusted off the rebel and I took some pretty pics of my own Hasselback (Not David) Potatoes That I made for dinner tonight.

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